strings reel

“Bird’s Eye View” - Amy Ahn, released 2018. Lilting tremolo chordal texture in the verse, lush pads in the chorus, and euphoric climax towards the end. More of Amy here:

“I Could Never” - kitesarefun, released 2019. A brief cascading minor 9th cross-relation across 3 octaves creates a dissonant, bend-like quality in the melody at the chorus. Also listen for moments of rich chordal harmony behind the sparse electric guitar and voice. Visuals here:

“Double Sunset” - Ted Case, released 2018. This concept album about a plane flight was partly conceived as a way to explore string texture ideas. Here are some favorite moments. Full album at

“Look Somewhere Else” - muted trill texture in the chorus, generated through guided improvisation, and lush pads with trills in the internal voices at the bridge

“It’s Still There (Reprise)” - tremolo swells creating suspense when laid above a low-pass kick

“Can Fail” - chorale with strings, piano and mallet-groove drums